Printing Design & Layout

At Stylex we are aware that “Print Design” and Website Design” are two totally different things. While in principal, they must be designed to achieve the same results, there are many differences technically and creatively. With 20 years experience in designing printed advertising, we have the knowledge and dependability to design quality printing for a reasonable price.

Brochures & Flyers

Incorporating the latest graphic software and years of design experience, we can offer you a professional looking design and layout, for less cost than many printing company’s can offer. From brochures and flyers to catalogues or signs, whatever your advertising needs, give us a call, before you call a printer. Once the final design is completed, we will provide you with the hi-res files that can be used by the printer of your choice.
If you need a flyer, brochure, magazine ad, catalogue or any other type of printed advertising contact us today for a free estimate or visit our Print Design Portfolio to see more samples of our print designs.

Packaging Design

Stylex offers complete marketing design solutions from the retail box and display stands, to “point of sale” signs, posters and packaging design.

Thinking Outside The Box

Your package might be your best sales tool and is as important as the product you are selling. Consumer packaging design is ultimately your silent sales person that sells on the shelf right next to your competition. Our objective is to establish a compelling voice and package design identity that captures the unique positioning opportunity to the product